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  • Thinking of exhibiting at a food festival? Make sure you have one of these...

    Pop-up Gazebos at Ashby Food Festial

    The festival season is well and truly upon us! Every town seems to be playing host to their own themed festivals and it is increasingly common to see fields or parks filled with printed Pop-Up gazebos, offering everything from tasty morsels, fine delicacies and local produce to regional beverages and craft beers. A pop-up gazebo is not only practical, as it can help protect against the inclement British weather, but when printed they can also help to publicise your brand and make it stand out from the competitors thus attracting customers to your stall. Pop-up gazebos are available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your branding and needs. Printing can be anything from a web address on the pelmet to full colour screen printing across the whole roof and sides. With many models taking only minutes to erect and disassemble, set up of your stall can be rapid and pain-free. There are also a wide variety of grades; from ultra-lightweight budget pop-ups for occasional use to super-durable, heavy-weight pop-up gazebos for the seasoned festival exhibitor. There are pop-up gazebos to suit every business requirement.

    The photos above are taken at Food Gusto festival, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, which is a regular food and drink festival hosted on the Bath Grounds, not far from our warehouse. Everything Vietnamese street food, to "Meltin Grilled Cheese" with their delicious Raclette. It is well worth a visit, there's really something there for everyone and on a glorious bank holiday like this, what could be better? And if the British weather surprises you with a shower or two, you will be able to take cover under one of the many pop-up gazebos located on site. Dogs are welcome on a lead and a fantastic troup of Morris Dancers will delight you with their bells and jigs. At only £2pp for visitors over 12, it's great value too.

    For anybody wanting to enter into the world of food festivals, thinking of upgrading their pop-up gazebo or simply wanting some spares or replacement covers for their tent, Midland Marquees and Leisure Ltd, based in Ashby de la Zouch, offer a fast mail-order service and a huge range of sizes, grades and customisable options, plus an excellent printing / branding service. Visit www.midlandmarquees.co.uk or call 01283 701936 today!

  • Why your business needs a printed gazebo to increase profits

    Autoglass Printed Gazebo Supplier

    If you work in the market or trade show business then you will see how important it is to promote yourself and stand out from your competitors. Whether you're a big corporate business, sole trader or small charity, we can help with you printed gazebo needs.

    One of the best ways to get yourselves noticed is with a printed pop up gazebo. This is a quick and easy solution to grab the attention of passers-by who could be your future customers.

    7 reasons your company needs a printed gazebo

    1. Stand out from the crowd – a gazebo printed with your company logo, website, pictures etc will ensure that you stand out and attract customers
    2. Look professional – a printed gazebo gives a good first impression to your business
    3. Be memorable – the more eye catching your gazebo the more memorable it will be to potential customers
    4. Advertising – make sure that your website and telephone numbers are easily visible for customers to get in touch with you
    5. Target your gazebo for different events – once you have the gazebo frame you can have different roof and sides printed to suit different events
    6. Stay Dry - Don't forget that one of the primary reasons for a pop up tent/gazebo is to keep the elements away from you and your stock!
    7. We also have printed flags, table cloths, event barriers etc available to complete your branded gazebos look.

    For basic logo and text printing, a simple vinyl printing method is used. For more complex printing we use a digital printing method which gives a 100% photographic quality with complete coverage of the roof and /or sides. Using this method means that both sides of the roof and walls can be printed on.


    If you already have a gazebo frame you can get a new roof and/or sides printed up with your company details and use it on your existing frame.

    Just supply your company logo in a high resolution format and any pictures that you want to use and our designer will come up with a design option for you.

    Where Can I Buy a Printed Pop-up Gazebo?

    One of the largest suppliers of marquees and popup gazebos is Midland Marquees & Leisure. We supply a huge range of businesses and individuals too. Below you will see some of the businesses we have worked with in the past.

    Marquee Supplier

    Buy pop-up gazebos here

    For more information, go to our website www.midlandmarquees.co.uk, Facebook page or call our sales office on 01283 701936

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    Marquees are a great form of temporary shelter in day to day ceremonial functions that people host. An excellent marquee avails both functional as well as aesthetic purposes to your event. Marquees come in different shapes and sizes holding different specs. Midland Marquees are the premier suppliers of marquees for sale in the UK.

    Wedding marquee for sale

    Marquee sizes range from 3m x 3m up to 6m x 24m in size. There are lots of different specs to choose from. There are the cheap marquee ranges which start at £79.99, up to huge heavy duty marquees which are £2700.
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