Duracoretex PVC Marquee Material

duracoretex pvc marquee material

Choosing a marquee can be a difficult decision to make, there are so many types of marquees for sale regarding frame size and PVC quality. You can trust Midland Marquees to give you the best products as we strive to be at the cutting edge of marquee design and innovation. The latest advancement is a new, stronger PVC called Duracoretex™.

What is Duracortex™?

Duracoretex™ has gone through a rigorous testing process in lab conditions and the real world by ourselves and our customers.

Duracoretex™ features;

  • UV stabilised flame retardant laminate coating
  • Plasticised PVC coating
  • Durable polyester rip-stop mesh

Which Marquees use Duracoretex™?

All of our 500gsm Heavy Duty marquees and 650gsm Deluxe PVC marquees are now made from Duracoretex™ PVC which means that it has added layers to increase the strength of the PVC.

All of the coatings are waterproof and UV-stablised.

We also have a large range of other party tents.

Why buy a Duracoretex™ Marquee?

So are all PVCs the same? Definitely not, Duracoretex has been developed to be stronger than the equivalent weight PVC.

Duracoretex PVC often outperforms heavier weight non-branded PVC.

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