High quality marquees for sale at a reasonable prices

The frames of marquees for sale are made from steel tubes of varying diameters, and their connections made so as to ensure the best possible strength and stability, and to prevent any fabric damage when in contact with the framework.

marquee for sale

In order to choose and buy the appropriate marquee for sale, it is important to consider when you will be using the marquee. For example if you will be using the marquee in adverse conditions, a heavier duty frame and cover will be required. We stock a full range so take a look below and you can get acquainted with the options. Delivery times will be 1-3 working days from receipt of the order.

Our marquees are great for use at various exhibitions, promotions, seasonal and festive events of all sizes: weddings, birthdays, concerts, barbecue, children's parties and other events. We sell to individuals and businesses large and small. For example our marquees are used by restaurants and pubs all over the UK to increase their capacity.

Setting up of party marquee does not need to be a time consuming task, all of our marquees are simple to erect, without the need for special tools. We always try to make our prices competitive, so you can buy a cheap marquee from us, but know that we are offering value for money. If you have any questions, we will always be happy to give more detailed information on any of the kits.

Cheap marquee with extra reinforced frame


We offer everyone in the UK a chance to buy a cheap marquee, but of high quality. Depending on the purpose and size the construction is equipped with an extra heavy duty frame that will withstand strong gusts of wind and not lose its look after a few seasons. You can buy a heavy duty and inexpensive marquee and use it for many years for a variety of events and celebrations, that is one of the key benefits of buying over hiring. All of our marquee tents are made of water-repellent fabric, which can also protect you and your guests from UV rays making them suitable for all weather!

Our garden marquees are great for a family get together in the back garden. You will find a garden marquee can be quickly assembled and disassembled to move it to any part of your garden. On our site you can find interesting options of this type of marquee tent.

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