How to remove the dirt from the marquee fabric

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Marquees have to be cleaned as often as possible if they are to maintain their quality and durability. As a matter of fact, marquees ought to be cleaned after every use. When handling marquees, you have to be very wary of certain types of stains. Petrol, garden chemicals, ingrained moulds and diesel, can permanently stain a marquee. Obviously, the ease of cleaning a marquee depends on the type and quality of material used in the covers.

Categories of Stains

Three broad categories of dirt can discolour a marquee.

I. Mud Splatters & Marks. Typically marquees are used outside, and they are bound to pick up mud and grass stains during use, especially in the rainy season. Most dirt and grass stains can easily be removed with light cleaning and brushing.

II. Gray Film & Stains. Stains due to water marks, dust and rust, can accumulate slowly over time due to lack of cleaning, poor cleaning, or poor storage. These can be well handled by an ingrain cleaner during a thorough cleaning.

III. Tree Gum & Leaves. If your marquee is under a tree during a rainy season, lots of the dirt, gum, bird poop and leaves get washed over onto the top of the marquee. This can leave sticky sap that is tough to remove even after numerous cleaning.

How to clean different Marquee Materials.

Marquees are mostly made from five different types of materials. Under each material, different qualities are also made with varying levels of durability

Canvas Marquee. Depending on the quality, a canvas marquee cannot be cleaned without first removing the flame-retardant coating.
PVC Marquee. High-quality PVC marquees have a laminate coating which makes it very easy to clean and store them. The laminate acts as a protective material.

Clear PVC (window panels). They are more prone to scratches and tear on the transparent outer coating. Most often, cleaning clear PVC should be left to professionals.

Poly/PVC Marquee. This type of marquee from marquee company material has a single layer of PVC coating. They require extra care when cleaning to avoid scratching the outer material.

PolyEthene Marquee. With a high density and durable materials, these marquees are easy to clean since they don't have the laminate coating like most PVC marquees.

Cleaning Marquee linings.

Most marquee linings are used to give a light and airy ambiance. Most marquee manufacturers favour the ivory lining due to aesthetic reasons. Patches on a lining can easily be removed by a small amount of bleaching, but again, great care should be taken.

Poor handling of marquee lining can leave them wrinkled and creased. Keep in mind that linings dry very quickly, but should always be dry before storage. Also, make sure your hands are clean as linings pick up dirt during handling. Lastly, the linings should dry as flat as possible, preferably folded and hung, to avoid wrinkles and creases.

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