In a hot sunny day, marquee for sale will provide your company with a friends relaxing holiday in the shade, without insects

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In the summer heat and cool autumn a marquee for nature is irreplaceable thing in the country or in the camping.

In a hot sunny day, it will provide your company with a friends relaxing holiday in the shade, without insects. In a cool evening it will help you keep warm and have a great evening. Of course, the ideal choice is a fixed gazebo made of wood. But if you do not want to build it, the garden marquee for sale will be for you an excellent option.

What to look for when choosing a marquee for sale for the garden and a camping?


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If you go on a camping trip, day-to-day marquee folding and unfolding, the weight and speed of installation of the marquee are essential. In this case, it is advisable to choose a small marquee with 4 sides and a roof, which is easy to install and folds in a few seconds. But there is one "but": this marquee is not reliable, can quickly break down by strong winds.

If you install a marquee for sale in the country or leave for on a long vacation, you should choose a reliable marquee, perhaps with 4 or 6 sides and roof, which will be resistant to gusts of wind and rain. To make marquee stood the whole summer, we recommend that you choose a multi-faceted rounded shape marquee tent, which is better to cope with the wind and is more stable. Also most of the marquees include special pegs, which are installed on extensions and provide additional stability to the marquee.

If you choose the pavilion for wedding, holiday or summer patio of your restaurant, you can choose a large marquee of increased strength that will serve you several years.

Fabric of marquee:

Make sure that the marquee is made of water-resistant material, and do not choose a marquee with a solid none breathable fabric - you simply can’t breathe. Polyester is a reliable material. Windows with mosquito netting are a great option, which let the fresh air, but do not allow the insects to spoil your day in nature

Frame of marquees:

Metallic racks should be constructed of stainless steel. Sufficiently thick and ensure stability of the marquee for sale is desirable. For garden marquees tube frame must be heavy to the marquee withstood wind and rain, and for tourist marquees will be enough lightweight metal pegs.

Before purchasing a marquee, you should consult with a specialist of marquee company. We will help you to choose the marquee, according to your needs.

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