Marquee Tents

Marquee tent

When looking to buy marquees for weddings or even parties, there are lots of options to consider. There are various styles all of which have strengths and weaknesses. The wide range of designs also gives the flexibility to try multiple ways to decorate as opposed to fixed venues. With that said, let’s take at some of the popular marquee tents in a bid to help you identify the right one for your event:


Marquee Tents №1 - Traditional marquees

For these marquees, they have been made to conform to the modern standards, though they still maintain some of their traditional features such as wooden poles, pegs and guy ropes. Additionally, they have windows that are almost the full height of the tent walls. They are also clear thus affording the people inside the chance to look out and enjoy the surroundings. If it’s sunny and warm, they can be opened up at the sides to let in fresh cool air. However these marquees are heavy and cumbersome and so generally more suitable for hire companies than individuals.

Marquee Tents №2 - Frame Marquees

Frame or clearspan marquees are ideal for individuals, businesses and hire companies as set up relatively easily but also are strong enough to withstand all weathers. They are especially ideal when there are issues with space, or the ground is not suitable for traditional marquees (concrete or tarmac).

Marquee Tents №3 - Capri Marquees

If you are looking for marquees that look glamorous and classy, then capri marquees are what you are looking for. With curved openings and open sides, they are ideal for use especially in hot dry conditions as they allow in a breeze. They are also cozy and inviting but still not completely closed off to the outside. This is why they are the go to option for garden party weddings and glitzy parties.

Marquee Tents №4 - Pop up Gazebos

If you are short on time, then pop-up gazebos are the ideal small marquee for you. This is because they can easily be collapsed down to an ideal size that is portable. Furthermore, putting them up is easy and fast. However popup gazebos are not available larger than around six metres and so more suited for trade shows, markets etc.

Marquee Tents №5 - Pagoda Marquees

If you are looking for beauty, pagoda marquees are your best option. They are deemed to be the most beautiful yet sturdy marquee. What sets them apart from the rest is their pointy roof. The extended ridge height makes the inside of the tent spacious. The arched windows also ensure that the inside of the marquee tent has plenty of light.

Marquee Tents №6 - Walkway marquees

Walkway marquees enable one to connect buildings with marquees. With these, one can creatively create entrance tents that lead into a marquee or even a building. They are also available in many forms including some with windows, some as roof like structures and some with wall side panels.

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