Marquees For Sale - Buying Guide

6mx12m Marquees For Sale
Buying a marquee can be a daunting prospect. With many different suppliers offering a confusing range of marquees for sale it is no wonder buyers can be left frustrated. That is why at Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd we like to make things as simple as we can: if you don’t understand something or need some advice, our friendly sales team are always on hand to help out! We have created this quick guide to help make your research easier!

What Size Marquee Do I Need?

Marquees vary from 3 metres x 3 metres to a huge festival tent; we have a huge range of marquees for sale!

Here is an approximate size guide to give you an idea of the capacity. Obviously you will also need to take into account any other space you might need such as a dance floor or bar area.
Marquee Size Seated Capacity Standing Capacity
3m x 2m 4-8 4-12
3m x 3m 6-10 7-15
3m x 4m 6-12 9-18
3m x 6m 12-20 15-30
3m x 8m 12-24 18-35
3m x 10m 15-30 20-45
3m x 12m 18-40 27-60
4m x 4m 8-15 10-22
4m x 6m 12-24 18-35
4m x 8m 12-30 18-45
4m x 10m 15-35 18-55
4m x 12m 20-48 25-70
6m x 4m 12-24 18-35
6m x 6m 15-40 20-60
6m x 8m 20-50 30-75
6m x 10m 30-65 40-100
6m x 12m 30-80 40-120
6m x 14m 30-100 60-140
6m x 16m 40-110 70-160
6m x 18m 40-120 70-180
6m x 20m 50-130 80-200
6m x 24m 60-160 80-240
9m x 12m 60-160 80-240
All capacity guides are approximate

What Spec of Marquee Should I Buy?

Heavy Duty Marquee Frame 50mm Marquee Poles

The spec of your marquee is something which you will want to consider carefully. Is this a long term investment in something that you will be able to use for years to come, or is it for a one-off party? Also, a good sturdy marquee will give you much more confidence if the weather turns bad! The majority of damage comes when erecting or taking down the structure. We sell lots of heavy duty marquees to hire companies who know their stuff, so we are very confident that these marquees will last a long time!

Generally you will find that the heavier the material, the stronger the frame will be, however it is worth checking on this.

Usually marquee specifications are headlined by the weight of material used. GSM (Grams per square metre) is the term used by most. This literally translates to the weight of the material, so the higher the GSM, the heavier duty the cover.

The cheaper/lower spec marquees usually use a PE (polyethylene) material. This is similar to tarpaulin and is used on our budget marquees in our 200gsm marquee range. For heavier duty marquees PVC is used. Our PVC marquees range from 500gsm up to 650gsm UV stabilised, rot resistant, lacquer coated PVC which is extremely robust.

Our marquee frames range from 32mm powdercoated poles with nylon joints (200gsm range) up to monster 50mm diameter, 1.5mm thick galvanised and powdercoated steel framework (600gsm range) which are like scaffolding poles!

Below you will see a summary of the different specs of marquees which we currently have for sale;

200gsm 240gsm 500gsm 600gsm 650gsm
Framework 32mm with durable nylon connectors 38mm powdercoated Steel 38mm Steel 50mm galvanised Steel 50mm Steel
Covers 200gsm PE 240gsm PE 500gsm PVC 600gsm PVC 650gsm PVC
Groundbars No Optional Yes Yes Yes
Flame Retardant No Yes BS5438 & BS7837 Yes BS5438 & BS7837
Suitable Seasons 1 Season 2 Seasons 3 Seasons 4 Seasons 4 Seasons
Warranty No No 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months

What Accessories Are Compatible With My Marquee?

Most marquee companies stock a good range of accessories for your marquee. Linings, carpet, chandeliers, heaters, panoramic panels and much more to really make your marquee special. Some marquees have more accessories specific to them than others, so it is worth checking before you buy. Our recommendations for accessory compatible marquees are the 500gsm and 650gsm marquees. These are heavy duty and popular for hire companies as well as for garden parties and weddings.

How Can I Store My Marquee?

Once your marquee has been taken down, it needs to be stored correctly. It is important to make sure that all of the covers and framework are clean and dry to avoid any corrosion or mould developing. Once the covers have been unfolded it is often very difficult to pack them back into their original boxes. You can purchase purpose-made boxes and bags to make storage and transport easy. You can see the full range here.
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