To buy wedding marquees

Marquees are ideally suited for weddings outdoors. More and more young couples begin to refuse from familiar and emotionless restaurants. And it is not surprising, since ceremonies can be performed in properly equipped marquee pavilions all year round.

buy marqueeParty marquees are easy to use, have large capacity, can be designed for any number of guests and installed in any area: parks, beautiful backyards, suburban complexes or ceremonial halls. While calculating construction area it should take into account not only the number of invited guests, but also additional space for a stage and dance floor.

The ceremony of marriage registration can be carried out in a small tent for decoration which you can decorate with flowers, colorful balloons and bright ribbons. It should decorate not only the walls and ceilings, but also furniture, support legs and mounting places. In bad weather, the place of registration can be combined with guest area in one huge hall. For the organization of the toilets and kitchen can be used pagoda-tents or establish special canopies. As for the shape of the marquee, its variations are diverse enough.

Wedding marquees are usually installed directly on the ground, rather than equipped for this purpose the prepared sites. To create the most comfortable conditions in such situations we recommend using a marquee carpet. In addition, the organization of a wedding celebration in a cold period of time, you should first take care of providing additional heating and air-conditioning of the pavilion.

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