Types of marquees for sale

Types of marquees by designation

to buy pop up gazebo

There is a few kinds of designation:

Pop up gazebo. This is the simplest version of the gazebo for outdoor rest - a pop up gazebo on a quadrangular frame without walls. It’s easy to set up, lightweight, compact and cheap. This canopy can be used as a shelter from sun and rain. Some gardeners like to put under a canopy play area / sandbox for children or an inflatable pool.


Garden marquee (gazebo tent / marquee for the garden). Garden marquee differs from folding tent in a variety of facilities: mosquito nets, walls, all kinds of windows, doors and partitions. Typically, the owner of the tent itself can regulate the amount of windows and walls. For example, in hot weather you can entirely remove the partition or leave only a mosquito net, and in the rainy one contrarily set back and make the cheap marquee completely closed. Garden marquee is the most common type of marquees, an important attribute for a holiday outdoors or picnic. In the country, we spend most of our time outdoors / outdoor marquee. Garden marquee is a good help for those who do not have a veranda or a wooden gazebo. Most of cottage tents are similar in design and differ mainly in the size and quality of materials.

marquee tent

Marquee. This is VIP-person and a giant in the world of marquees. Pavilions are different, first of all, in large size. They are often bought for various celebrations, weddings and feasts, to have a rest with a big company and for other different activities in the nature. The largest party marquees are a portable houses on a strong frame, which is mounted on a pre-prepared site.

tourist tent

Tourist tent. It is used in camping conditions. Its main characteristics are little weight, watertightness, good wind protection. Tourist gazebo has walls and is usually supplied with mosquito nets, windows, ridgepoles. Not to be confused with a tourist tent awning. Tourist gazebo - it's just a cloth with ropes on the sides.

Types of marquees by form

Forms of party marquees mainly differ in the number of corners. The most common option is a quadrangular marquee. There are also a 5-, 6- and even 8-corner marquees.

The design of the walls has great practical importance. Direct wall expands the space. A sloping wall though narrows it, but also makes the marquee structure more stable to wind.

The roof is sloping for all the marquees, it is necessary for proper water drainage. Sometimes the roof structure includes vent for exhaust air, heat from the barbecue or cigarette smoke. In addition to conventional roofs, some marquee for sale are equipped with additional canopy on the racks.

According to other characteristics of the marquees

Marquee material. Nowadays, all tents are made of synthetic materials. The cheapest option is braided polyester. More expensive marquees are made of reinforced polyester / polyurethane fibers. An important feature is waterproof tent impregnation; it is better do not to use a tent without it in heavy rain. This is especially relevant when buying a tourist gazebo tent.

Frame. The frame is made of metal tube and / or fiberglass. Sometimes there is a fast set up frame system.

Weight. Marquee - it is not a light tent, it’s hard to carry on your back. Although there are lightweight design, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

Size. Please note, that the polygonal tents can increase the usable area. And another point: the floor area is not always equal to the ceiling area - walls of some tents taper upwards.

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