Types of tents, their advantages and applications

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Scope of the marquee material usage is wide. Primarily marquee for the sun is used during the various sports, entertainment and political events on open areas. This gives opportunity to be outdoors and be completely protected from the sun and rain.

In the second place marquees for sale are used for protection from external influences of the goods, cargo or vehicles. These marquees are designed for vans, warehouses, trailers, autocovers. Thus, in accordance with the purpose marquees for sale are divided into tourist, beach, road, awnings tents for rest.

Tourist marquees are popular among fans travel long distances by their cars with trailers. They are necessary while traveling for goods protection from the rain and sun.

Automobile marquees are popular enough, in view of the fact that, not being able to put the vehicle into the garage, you can implement automobile or products’ protection from ultraviolet rays and atmospheric precipitation.

Marquees from marquee company are very popular among fans of travel and outdoor recreation. Unlike the tourist, they are intended for the people and needed not only to create a comfort, but also for weather protection.

One of the most popular designs - beach marquees - options. These include, as all kinds of shelter from the sun in the form of marquees or tent and awning designs for entertainment or recreation.

All of these marquees for sale designs have a number of advantages:

  • reliable protection from sunlight, rain, snow, strong winds and heat;
  • aesthetics and variety of shapes and colors;
  • design mobility and minimum required space during transportation;
  • strength, reliability and durability;
  •  quick set up and little disassembly time.
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