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Marquees for Sale

Marquees are a great form of temporary shelter in day to day ceremonial functions that people host. An excellent marquee avails both functional as well as aesthetic purposes to your event. Marquees come in different shapes and sizes holding different specs. Midland Marquees are the premier suppliers of marquees for sale in the UK.

Wedding marquee for sale

Marquee sizes range from 3m x 3m up to 6m x 24m in size. There are lots of different specs to choose from. There are the cheap marquee ranges which start at £79.99, up to huge heavy duty marquees which are £2700.

Midland Marquees also carry a huge range of accessories for sale; marquee bungees, window panels, storage boxes, chandeliers, fixing kit, heaters, carpets, and tread flooring. The other major accessories include decors, reinforcement beams, hooks, and seals.

Types of marquees for sale

Marquees are often purchased based on their size, the material used in the covers, the design, and the intended function. PVC is the primary material used in the covers of these marquees.
There are heavy duty marquees i.e. deluxe, professional, commercial, and industrial marquees mostly in the mid to large size categories. They tend to have windowed walls to make the space inside light and airy.
There are also other types of marquee tents such as walkway tents, pagodas, flex marquees and inflatable marquees.
The third type is the party tent marquee.  These are often made more for use in gardens as shelter from the weather. Most of them tend to be small to medium sized though they can range all the way to supersize marquees.

Different uses of Marquees

As more people appreciate spending time outdoors, the need for marquees has risen significantly. Marquees of marquee company can be utilised for both private as well as public functions. Durable industrial marquees tend to be reserved for storage and warehousing functions:

  1. 1. Wedding marquee for sale are one of the most popular uses of a marquee as a great alternative to an expensive venue.
  2. 2. A variety of marquees are commonly used as market stalls or shopping outlets.
  3. 3. Business and trade shows around the world usually rely on easy-to-erect marquees
  4. 4. Most fairs and festivals use marquees for housing stalls and as retail outlets.
  5. 5. Open air sporting events often use marquees for food and shelter
  6. 6. School parties are the another prime users of marquees.
  7. 7. Just about every corporate event uses marquees for their outdoor functions
  8. 8. Marquees also make for easy to set-up registration booths as a temporary facility.


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