Inflatable Marquee For Sale UK

Inflatable Marquee For Sale UK – Easy To Use And Guaranteed To Impress

Inflatable marquee for sale UK based options are on the increase. But what are the advantages of an inflatable tent for your party? You may think that inflatables are only for the kids, but that’s not the case. They are, in fact, good for any small scale celebration or event, whether that’s at your home or a corporate event, on site or at the venue of your choosing. When you’re looking for marquees for sale as an investment for the future, an inflatable tent is definitely one you should consider. But what are its advantages over the more traditional canvas or PVC types?

The main benefit of owning such a marquee is in its ease of erection. Unlike any other type of marquee for sale UK wide, the inflatable option is entirely free-standing. In other words, there are no complicated frames to put together. Nor will you spend your precious time, when you should be concentrating on preparing for the success of your event, shifting round heavy poles and tying down awning securely. The inflatable party tent can be blown up within just 10-15 minutes using either the high volume manual pump that’s issued with models when you buy, or even quicker if you invest in an electric pump.

Of course, with an inflatable marquee for sale UK based, you still have all the features of any other type of marquee. These include clear windows to allow light in; and side panels that roll up if the weather is fine. They’re also just as safe: good models have fire resistance to British safety standards and protect against UV light too. If you’re interested in seeing more details about inflatable marquees, including the sizes available, check out the Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd website at Then, if you have any questions, we encourage you to give us a call on 01283 701936. We’re always delighted to help.