Marquee Tents For Sale UK

Marquee Tents For Sale UK - What Covering Offers The Best Protection Against The British Weather?

Marquee tents for sale UK wide are used for a multitude of purposes, from offering corporate hospitality at events and launches, to hosting gatherings of family and friends in more intimate surroundings. One thing all these uses have in common, though, is the function these marquees for sale perform for guests they welcome, and that’s offering shelter from the elements. If there’s one thing we can rely on in Britain, it’s that our weather is unreliable at best. If you are organising an event, you need to be sure you’re choosing the right type of tent for the job.

For example, whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial marquees for sale, what fabric will you choose? Canvas tents have a certain romance about them. Traditionally used for marquees, canvas may remind guests of happy experiences camping or visiting fetes and festivals in the past. But if you intend to use your marquee extensively during poorer weather, PVC might be the better option. While both materials are waterproof, PVC is easier to clean and dry off before you pack the equipment away. Canvas can rot if not fully dried before storage. Equally, though, if your tent will exclusively be used during the height of summer, it’s worth noting that canvas is a more breathable material. PVC tends to hold in the heat, raising the temperature inside – and not necessarily in a good way!

If you’re arranging an important event, whatever the season, do take advice on the best material for the job – your guests will thank you for it. One company that offers guidance on marquee tents for sale UK wide, as well as a range of accessories to ensure your attendees enjoy their time with you, is Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd. From luxury carpet and other floorings to heating and lighting options, we have all you need to make your occasion extra-special. Our full inventory is on our website at; feel free to call us and discuss your requirements on 01283 701936.