Permanent Marquee For Sale

Permanent Marquee For Sale – Do You Need Planning Permission?

Permanent marquee for sale – purchasing one of these can add to the room you have available at your hotel to welcome guests, and thereby increase your income. The additional space created by appending one of these marquees for sale can be used for a wide variety of entertainment purposes. This might include extra seating area for dining guests, or for speakers at conferences and seminars. The marquee could provide a reception and mingling area for guests waiting for an event to begin, or could be used in its own right to host a dance or a wedding breakfast, for instance. The uses are only limited by the owners’ imagination.

One factor you may need to consider before you opt for such a heavy duty marquee for sale, though, is whether you need planning permission. Even though the marquee is not a permanent structure in the same way a brick extension or a conservatory would be, it is still possible that it will be considered a ‘building operation’. This is relevant if the marquee is expected to stay in place for longer than 28 days continuously; and Section 55 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 applies in this case. If you are in any doubt, it is always worth checking the position with your local planning department before you go ahead with any such projects.

Once you’ve established the legal position, you’ll want to find a quality supplier of such tents with a permanent marquee for sale that meets your needs. Speak to us about what you intend to do, and we can find the perfect marquee for you. If the structure is going to be in place for quite a while, you might also like to look at our options for flooring, heating and lighting – at Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd, we have you covered for every season and every eventuality! Our website is at and our experienced team can be reached by phone on 01283 701936. Alternatively, why not drop us an email at