3mx6m heavy duty 500gsm PVC demi marquee

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3 metre x 6 metre (10ftx20ft) demi marquee in 500gsm PVC

Our new range of demi marquees are ideal for use up against a building and can be used to cover entrances, mobile toilets, or as a smoking shelter etc

The marquee is easy to erect, using just 2 different lengths of poles

Marquee features

500gsm rip stop Duracoretex PVC with laminate coating

Flame retardent to BS5438 & BS7837 for safety

High frequency welded PVC joins for complete waterproofing

38mm (1.3mm thick)galvanised steel framework

Roof braces at either end for added strength

3m wide wall panels with zipped entrances at either end

Individual window panels on both sides

Wind-stop velcro sealed joints for all side panels

Groundbars included

12 month warranty and full spares available

2m wall height

2.6m apex height


Buying A Marquee

It can be overwhelming to know the wide range of options available when shopping for marquees for sale. Rather than throwing away your money by going for the first or perhaps the most affordable one you come across, it can help to take a little time to ponder on your needs before buying. To start, think of the size of marquee you need by establishing the dimensions of the space you have to set it up; coupled with the number of individuals you intend to host within it.

Selecting The Correct Marquee Size

To see how small or big a tent you can effortlessly fit in your garden or outdoor area, measure it while ensuring that you still have space for the invitees to move around. When considering size, bear in mind that when you opt to have chairs and tables, there will be less available space. Tables, rectangular or square ones, allow for more invitees; round tables can fit far fewer. Likewise, bear in mind that with a dance floor, you’ll have fewer seating available. As a guide, a 3m x 3m party tent can conveniently fit between seven to 15 people standing or six to ten seated. A 6m x 6m tent may hold between 15 and 40 seated guests, and between 20 and 60 can socialise comfortably with no tables. Perhaps your garden is awkwardly shaped, sized or both? If so, you can acquire two marquees that may be connected with a walkway, if needed. This is great as it gives flexibility to your arrangement. You just need to utilise one tent for a small affair, and then you can extend your hospitality with the second for bigger assemblies.

How Many Times Would You Use Your Party Tent?

One more aspect to consider is how often you’ll use it. If you throw regular gatherings and events, it is probable that you would like a marquee sturdier than something that’ll be used only on occasion. This is due to aspects like the duration your tent will be in contact with elements such as the wind, rain and the like. It is more likely that a frequently used tent will go through wear and tear as it is being put up and down often. In addition, pet animals or guests accidentally damaging the marquee is always a possibility! Check all the available options and ask about durability. If you’re interested in a PVC marquee, it is worth knowing that it comes in varying weights. The bigger the number quoted for grams per square metre (the gsm), the more heavy duty and long-lasting the tent will be. If the tent is for business use, for wedding venues perhaps, talk to your supplier regarding your expert quality options.

Go For A Competent Supplier When You Purchase Your Marquee

Among the best tips when obtaining marquees for sale is to order from a highly skilled as well as a well-founded supplier. Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd is just like that and more. Email us at [email protected] or contact us on 01283 701936, and we’ll help you out in choosing the best marquee for your specific requirements.


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