3m x 6m Kingfisher Garden Marquee/Party Tent

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The 200gsm Kingfisher Marquees are a reliable sturdy structure which have served our customers through many diverse applications including, parties, celebrations, furniture storage, car ports, exhibition stands, market stalls, car valeting, school fetes, summer classrooms, archaeology clubs, summer fetes, after school club play areas, shelters for babies at a nursery, hiring out, workshops, swimming pool covers, catering and many more…..

There are many varieties of party tent/event tent marquee available to the customer today, but we only stock the best quality at the right price. Having looked exhaustively at the many options available to us, we are confident that you the customer will have years of use from our tents backed up with the best customer service.


  • Dimensions: 3M x 6M
  • White powder coated steel tubes, 32mm x 25mm x 25mm with durable nylon connectors
  • Includes all steel poles and covers for 4 sides of the gazebo
  • Steel frame and cover made from waterproof PE polyethylene material
  • Windows are included on both long sides of the structure
  • Round base on legs which can be bolted down
  • Colour: White

 Please note, these marquees are not recommended for prolonged use in windy conditions

Top Reasons To Choose A Marquee For Your Party

Plenty of people spend a good deal of time and effort hunting round for the right venue for their special event. Others choose to host gatherings in their own home, with all the mess and fuss that entails. Whether you’re holding an engagement party, a birthday or a wedding reception, why not take a look at one of the many marquees for sale instead?

Marquees Are Extremely Versatile

When you think of marquees, you may have visions of balmy summer days and evenings. But that is neglecting the fact that a marquee provides shelter from the wind and rain! Contrary to popular belief, a marquee can be used all year round. If you invest in a party tent, you will be able to host those summer events even when the weather is inclement. Marquees bought from good quality dealers are generally tough enough to withstand the British weather. Heaters can be hired or purchased to ensure your marquee is cosy and warm, no matter how cold it is outside, so why not buy a marquee for your annual Christmas or New Year party? Speaking of different types of event, a marquee offers a flexible space for a whole host of occasions. It is literally a blank canvas that can be decorated in any style you choose. At Christmas, think tinsel and large baubles; in summer, paper lanterns and bunting will give your tent a festive look. In fact, you can have a completely fresh style every time. Themed or fancy dress events, such as 1920s style, the carnival or a beach party, are always very entertaining.

Marquees Are Convenient, Stylish And Offer A Great Return On Your Investment

If you select the right seller of marquees, they will also have a range of accessories available for your consideration, from tables and chairs to flooring and facilities for outdoor cooking. Alongside your party tent, investing in extras such as these helps ensure that all the mess associated with a party is contained outside. This means your house will stay largely pristine: no-one traipsing mud in and out, no food trodden into the carpets or drinks spilt on the upholstery. On another note, one advantage that a marquee in your garden has over hiring an indoor venue elsewhere is that there is no time limit on your event. It will not have to finish at a certain time, provided you show consideration for your neighbours. Having your own marquee also frees you up from other restrictions imposed by external venues too. For instance, there is often a requirement that you use their approved suppliers for the food and drink. Together with the cost of the venue hire, you will also have high catering bills to take into account. Doing the catering at home means you can party within your budget, even asking guests to bring a contribution if you choose, to make it more of a team effort.

Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd Offers The Best Deals In Marquees For Sale

Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd has a great range of marquees for sale. Whether your party is a huge gathering of all your family and friends or a more intimate evening for a few selected guests, we’ll have a style and size of party tent just for you. And don’t forget, once you have bought your marquee, you can use it again and again, hosting great parties for years to come. To discuss your options when it comes to investing in a marquee, give us a ring on 01283 701936. Alternatively, start by browsing your options on our website at https://www.midlandmarquees.co.uk.


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