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Tents And Marquees For Sale – The Pros And Cons Of Canvas And PVC

Tents and marquees for sale are, for many people, almost quintessentially English, associated with village fetes, agricultural shows and country weddings. Their popularity in the United Kingdom is, no doubt, in no small part because of the changeable and unpredictable weather we suffer! Erecting a marquee enables an event to continue even if the heavens open or a beautiful summer’s day turns cloudy and cool. While the design of many of the marquees for sale today hasn’t altered much over hundreds of years, modern technology has introduced some notable changes. The fabric from which they’re made is a prime example.

The most common materials you’ll find commercial marquees for sale are fabricated from are canvas or PVC. It’s worth being aware of the benefits and potential disadvantages of both before you opt for one or the other. Firstly, canvas is a traditional material for tent manufacture. It’s a sturdy, plain-woven fabric which has been used for centuries. Because it’s made from natural materials, it is considered more environmentally friendly than the alternative, PVC. However, canvas can be hard to clean, and the material can become spotted and unsightly with age. PVC, on the other hand is a doddle to keep looking as good as new and therefore your investment lasts longer.

On the minus side, PVC is not as breathable a material as canvas and PVC tents and marquees for sale can become uncomfortably warm as temperatures rise inside them, if no ventilation is built in. Whether you choose canvas or PVC for your marquee is entirely your decision, but we recommend you make your purchase from our team at Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd. As a family-run business, we’re always happy to offer advice based on our years of experience. Call us on 01283 701936, email your questions to sales@midlandmarquees.co.uk, or take a look at our comprehensive online catalogue on our website at https://www.midlandmarquees.co.uk today.