Wedding Marquee Tents For Sale

Wedding Marquee Tents For Sale – A Good Investment For The Hospitality Industry

Wedding marquee tents for sale make sound business sense if you run a hotel or other hospitality venue that has, or intends to apply for, a grant of approval from the local council to perform civil marriages and civil partnerships. For a one-off investment in one of the many decent-sized marquees for sale, you are purchasing an asset that can be used countless times in the future. If you haven’t yet applied for permission to host marriages, you should note that the marquee itself cannot be used for the ceremony, though. This must take place in part of the main building itself.

But most marriages or civil partnerships are followed by a party of some sorts, and this is where the marquee comes into its own. While only a select few guests may be invited to the ceremony, many couples elect to then hold a larger gathering so that friends and relatives can celebrate with them. A marquee offers the perfect romantic surroundings for a big get-together, with the opportunity to spill out into the gardens if the weather permits. Of course, just because you purchase an event marquee for sale with the intention of using it for weddings, that doesn’t mean you are restricted to that use. As the marquee itself is a blank canvas, it can also be employed for all manner of other events.

Advertising this resource in the local press and media for christenings, anniversary parties and even corporate launches and occasions, can bring in all kinds of new business to your hotel or guest house. If you’re interested in wedding marquee tents for sale, why not check out our range at We also offer flooring, lighting and heating for your guests’ comfort. At Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd, the customer comes first, so if you have any queries, we’d be delighted to help out. Just ring us on 01283 701936 or drop us an email to