Gazebo Weights

Securing your gazebo with a high quality set of gazebo weights is highly recommended even on the nicest of summer days. It only takes a rogue gust of wind to tip your gazebo up. If that happens the gazebo can cause some serious damage.

Depending on the surface on which you erect your gazebo, there are a number of options for providing extra stability to your gazebo. If your gazebo is erected on grass then a gazebo tie down kit could be a good option. However, gazebo weights can be used on any surface and so are by far the most versatile option.

Our stackable gazebo weights are seriously heavy duty, weighing in at 12kg each, they are, in our opinion, the best on the market. If your gazebo is erected on tarmac, concrete, grass or sand, our gazebo leg weights are the number one choice.

To use them, you simply slot them around the gazebo’s legs and that is it, you are secure. If you are expecting windy conditions, our weights allow you to stack more than one on each leg. They slot into each other in order to provide even more stability.

Our gazebo weights are universal, so can be used on all gazebos, from cheap gazebos all the way up to professional heavy duty gazebos.

If you are looking weights for gazebos, check out our range below, we won’t be beaten!