6m x 12m Deluxe 650gsm PVC Marquee


6m x 12m Deluxe 650gsm PVC Marquee

Our range of 650gsm Deluxe marquees are one of the toughest on the market. With 650gsm ripstop pvc covers, and galvanised 50mm, 2mm thick poles, they really are the professional’s choice! 2.3 metre eave height gives these marquees an airy feel.

This 6mx12m (20 feet x 40 feet) is an ideal size for a small gathering and would seat between 30-80 people or 40-120 in a less formal setting.


Marquee Features

  • Flame retardant to BS5438 & BS7837 for safety
  • High frequency welded PVC joins for complete waterproofing
  • up to 54mm galvanised steel framework, 2mm thickness
  • Vertical and horizontal roof braces for added strength
  • Intermediate purlin (halfway up the roof) for added support
  • Eaves braces for better performance against bad weather
  • Leg braces for added strength
  • 2.3m eave height
  • Interchangeable 2m wall and window panels for added flexibility
  • End panels in 2m sections for added wind resistance
  • Groundbars included
  • 20 degree roof angle for added wind resistance
  • Wind-stop velcro sealed joins for all side panels
  • Unbranded
  • 12 month warranty and full spares back up service for peace of mind
  • Can be extended for future expansion



Opening Your Marquee Hire Business – How To Get Clients

At present, a lot of people are looking for more sources of income to secure their future. Having a number of income sources, rather than one, can provide you with greater security. On the other hand, some individuals prefer being self-employed because of the convenience and adaptability it offers. One option to consider for those who are interested in starting a small but successful company is marquee hire. Starting this kind of business nowadays is simple thanks to the easy access to low-cost marquees for sale. If you like the sound of this suggestion, we will reveal several methods on how to open your new business below…

Looking For Customers For Your Marquee Hire Company

You may already possess a high-quality party tent in your house that you hardly ever use, or perhaps you’re planning to obtain one for a coming celebration, like a wedding. You can make some cash out of this by having other individuals rent them. This is a very easy method to generate even more cash. For this, it is wise to have some kind of transport once you start so you can carry the marquee from one venue to another. You can get a van for this. When beginning, talk to your relatives and friends. Most individuals are searching for more inexpensive options for entertaining instead of hiring a location. Provided that potential customers have a moderately sized yard, they will not hesitate to make the most of short-term lease of a marquee in order to organise their celebration. Another good place to find clients is local voluntary groups within your town. Get in touch with non-profit organisations, primary schools, congregations and other possible planners of community gatherings since they are the ones who usually rent tents for a day.

Building Your Image And Your Business

Once your customers have experienced your services, always remember to tell them to refer you to their associates. Word of mouth is the perfect advertising method, and this will yield new business more often than not. Moreover, ask each client for reviews so you can carry out the needed modifications in order to further develop your company. You can even get some written testimonials if they were satisfied with their hired marquee. You can use these for your future advertising plans, and these can provide new clients with peace of mind in your company. If you want to bring in new people outside of your regular coverage, establishing your own Facebook account and maintaining other social media websites is a brilliant way to advertise your company. Here, you can reveal some images and accounts of your latest hires (with the customer’s approval, of course). By doing so, you can give life to your business and persuade individuals who haven’t thought of renting a tent for their celebrations before. Naturally, you should look at bigger issues on starting your business, including tax and safety and health, online. Just by searching online, you can find loads of valuable information regarding these topics.

Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd Possesses Everything You Need To Establish Your Business

Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd ought to be the first place to go to when you’re searching for your first tent or improving your company by getting more marquees for sale. We emphasise value and quality. By checking out our site, you can discover a huge variety of items available, from modest pop-up tents to big, luxurious marquees. We also offer a complete selection of equipment and extras as your company grows. With our help, you can purchase additional floors, heaters, and dining sets for your supplies. For more details, visit our online site at https://www.midlandmarquees.co.uk. Do you have enquiries about our items? Simply give us a call on 01283 701936, and we will be pleased to assist you.


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