6m x 12m Kampa Easy tread Flooring

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6x12m Kampa Easytread Flooring

Easytread can be used for caravan awnings/camping groundsheets/marquee/pop up gazebo flooring, it is a hard wearing close weave groundsheet. It’s construction is designed to be fully breathable whilst reducing worm cases, mud and debris coming through the sheet.


Breathable fabric ensures that underlying grass is not killed
Attractive two tone weave
Warm, non-slip finish
Close weave allows air to circulate whilst stopping insects,
  worms and worm casts from coming through

Available in grey
Exceptionally hardwearing, rot proof and UV stabilised
Easy to clean just hose down
Hemmed for extra strength
Pegging eyelet in each corner
FREE reusable carry bag
Available in a wide range of sizes


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What Are The Best Decoration Ideas For A Marquee Party?

One good thing about acquiring marquees for sale for a special occasion is that a marquee offers an empty canvass. You can decorate it in a certain way to suit different circumstances like a product launch or a wedding party. Nonetheless, with no dressing at all, your marquee can feel cold and look too plain. In the following sections, you’ll find tips to make your guests feel at ease and ensure that your venue will look at its best.

Selecting A Motif And Setting Up The Stage

The question is, how do you want your marquee to look inside? Most people select a motif on which the interior design is based. A couple of well-known options include the vintage or retro style, the romantic, the funky or the Bollywood decor. On Pinterest, you’ll see countless themes and the steps on how to properly attain them. But regardless of the design you choose, there are a few basic principles you need to bear in mind. First of all, take the flooring into account. Usually, marquees are placed on grassy places, which is fine during summertime, but what if you are faced with more formal events or wetter conditions? Certainly, you will require something more comfortable and practical underfoot. Hence, marquee flooring will surely be of great help in such cases. So what exactly should you search for? One important thing is that you need to have a breathable flooring. In this manner, you won’t damage the grass underneath. It should likewise be simple to clean up as guests might tread dirt into the tent or spill drinks and food. Furthermore, it must be durable to guarantee longevity and non-slip to avoid mishaps. It’s possible for you to achieve these things by getting high-quality marquee flooring from a legitimate merchant.

Create A Great Ambience By Using Lights And Heating Systems

The ceiling of a marquee is normally high and, thus, provides a big, vacant area. To make the entire place cosy, and for logical reasons as well, it’s advisable to use lighting fixtures. You can make use of paper lamps and fairy lights in shades that match your main theme. Using tealights inside the jars and placing them on tables is also a great idea; this provides pretty and soft lighting for everyone. But doing so may supply poor lighting during dinnertime. In this case, chandeliers would be a much better option. These provide the visual effect of lowering the marquee’s roof and offer an exquisite light for people to dine and drink comfortably. Plenty of them feature dimmer buttons so that levels of light can be altered for more relaxed and intimate events. Next, think of the temperature level. In the UK, nights can be cold, even in summertime, so having heating units is ideal. Specialist halogen heaters are perfect for marquees. They are either freestanding or hanging from the ceiling and produce appropriate heat levels swiftly. This ensures that your visitors won’t freeze in wintry environments! Remember, too, that safety is a significant issue, so be sure to get proper lights and heating units suitable for marquees and outdoor use.

Planning A Marquee Party? Get All The Accessories You Need At Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd!

We don’t just sell pop-up tents, gazebos and marquees for sale at Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd. We also have a complete range of appropriate marquee flooring, which includes Weavatex flooring and luxury carpet, chandeliers and lots of elegant yet efficient heating items. Thus, we can help you with anything you need for your event. With our extensive selection of items, all covered by a 1-year guarantee, we can provide you with quality items needed to welcome your visitors and offer them an outdoor party in the utmost comfort. Head over our website, https://www.midlandmarquees.co.uk, for more details, or you may call us on 01283 701936 so we can talk about your enquiries and options.


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