6m x 6m heavy duty 500gsm PVC commercial marquee


6m x 6m heavy duty 500gsm PVC commercial marquee

Our 500gsm marquees are ideal for weddings and other outdoor celebrations. The marquee of choice for hire companies due to the robust frame and covers as well as being great looking.

The marquee is easy to erect with it’s simplex design, only 2 lengths of poles are used throughout the marquee.

Marquee Features

  • vertical and horizontal roof braces for added strength
  • eaves braces for better performance against bad weather
  • interchangeable walls and windows for added flexibility
  • ‘simplex’ design (only 2 different length poles used throughout the marquee) for ease of erection
  • 500gsm UV stabilised, rot resistant, lacquer coated PVC for durability
  • unbranded marquees for professional use
  • Flame retardant to BS5438 & BS7837 for safety
  • 12 month warranty and full spares back up service for peace of mind
  • 19 different size/style combinations available for future expansion


Finding The Perfect Marquee

As you search for marquees for sale, you could be overwhelmed with the many choices out there. Instead of throwing away your cash by deciding on either the most affordable or the first one you find, it can help if you stop and take a little time to think of your needs before you take the plunge. To start, look into the marquee size required. This is subject to the number of individuals you intend to host inside the marquee and the size of the space available where you will set it up.

Opting For The Ideal Marquee Size For You

Measure your outdoor area or garden to determine how small or big a tent can easily fit in it, guaranteeing you leave enough room for your guests to move. When thinking of size, keep in mind that you will have less room for people should you wish to have chairs and tables. Rectangular or square tables will allow for more guests while round tables can accommodate fewer. In the same way, if you wish to include a dance floor, you’ll have fewer seats available. Roughly, a 3m x 3m party tent can nicely fit between seven to 15 people standing or six to ten seated. A 6m x 6m tent will be able to hold 15 to 40 seated guests, and 20 to 60 can socialise without any difficulty if you do away with the tables. Maybe your garden is awkwardly sized, shaped, or both? In this case, it’s possible to get two marquees which can be joined by a walkway, when needed. This brings flexibility to your set up. You may use one tent for an intimate assembly but you’re able to extend your hospitality with the second for bigger events.

How Often Will You Make Use Of Your Party Tent?

A different concern is the frequency with which you’ll utilise the tent. If you throw regular gatherings and parties, it is likely that you would want a tent sturdier than something that will be used rarely. This is because of aspects such as the length of time it’ll be exposed to the elements, namely the wind, rain and the like. It is similarly more likely that a tent that’s often used will experience wear and tear because of being erected and put down on a regular basis. Furthermore, unintended damage by pet animals or guests is always a possibility! Look at the options provided by your supplier and enquire about durability. If you’re thinking about a PVC marquee, in particular, it’s worth knowing that it’s available in various weights. The bigger the number for grams per square metre (the gsm), the more durable and thus long-lasting the tent will be. If your tent is for industrial use, as a setting for weddings, for example, talk with your dealer regarding professional quality solutions.

Look For An Expert Provider When You Get Your Marquee

When browsing marquees for sale, among the best pieces of advice is to order from an experienced and proven supplier such as Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd. Call us at 01283 701936 or send an email to [email protected], and we will help you select the perfect marquee for you.


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