Traditional Canvas Marquees

Traditional Canvas Marquees

Traditional Canvas Marquees – A Few Of The Best Benefits Of Canvas

Traditional canvas marquees for sale are the best option if you’re a fan of either the vintage look or of protecting the environment. That’s because canvas is a 100% natural material and has been used to construct tents throughout the ages and across the world! While the more modern PVC versions may be practical, inexpensive and versatile, there’s something truly romantic about a canvas marquee or tent. Canvas also had many great qualities that make it well worth considering if you are researching your choices when it comes to marquees for sale, and this article looks at just a few of those.

Man-made fabrics used in the construction of garden marquees for sale are great, but canvas has the edge when it comes to its insulating properties. You will find with a canvas tent that it protects the occupants better from a chilly evening than PVC can. Equally, when it’s hot, PVC tends to hold in the heat, which can make crowded marquees uncomfortable and sweaty. Canvas keeps the atmosphere just that little bit cooler. Because canvas is more breathable than PVC, it tends to prevent moisture building up in the air inside, so condensation is less likely to be a problem too.

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And as it’s a heavy, insulating material, canvas tends not to be as noisy if there’s a breeze outside. Traditional canvas marquees for sale are an investment too: provided you re-proof the fabric annually, there’s no reason why your tent or marquee won’t last for years to come. If you’d like to have a look at canvas marquees and explore their advantages further, why not see the Midland Marquees & Leisure Ltd website at We’re a family run business that’s fanatical not only about marquees but about good customer service too. Ring us to discuss your options when buying marquees on 01283 701936, or drop us an email via [email protected].